Are you a “picture postage stamp” person? Then this blog is for you.

Wait a minute, I hear you saying – you thought this was about cheese, right? Let me explain. If you’re the type of person who walks into the post office and spends five minutes considering all the stamps available before you buy a stamp to mail a birthday card to your mom, then you’re probably also the type of person who enjoys looking, smelling, tasting and discovering artisan cheeses – you know – the ones with the really funky molds, or varieties made from mixed milks such as cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk?

Through both my work and personal interests, I get the opportunity to meet and work with the current and next generation of artisan and farmstead cheesemakers in Wisconsin. Every week, I taste cheeses and sample other artisan dairy products that aren’t yet on store shelves. But most of the time, I’m either alone, or with a handful of coworkers. It’s kind of like taking a walk by yourself, discovering an amazing waterfall off the beaten path, and not having anyone by your side to share it with.

This blog is about sharing my cheese discoveries with you. Eventually, most of the products I taste end up on store shelves, and sometimes are already available – it’s just that really funky cheeses are sometimes too new and not well-known, or perhaps the cheesemaker (like all of us) concentrates so hard on making a signature product, that he doesn’t have time to tell the world about it.

Welcome to the place where the world finds out about great Wisconsin artisan cheese. Welcome to Cheese Underground.