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Holiday Cheese Greetings

If you’re still thinking about overnighting that holiday box of Wisconsin cheese to the relatives in Florida, good news. A new 2007 Wisconsin Artisan and Farmstead Directory now gives you all the information you need to source artisan dairy products from America’s Dairyland.

The publication lists 60 of the state’s artisan, farmstead and specialty cheesemakers from all types of farms – cow, goat & sheep – and all sorts of dairy products – cheese, bottled milk, yogurt, ice cream and butter.

I think it’s amazing that Wisconsin is now up to 60 farmstead and artisan producers -10 years ago, I think you’d have been hard-pressed to find a dozen. The forward to the directory says “there’s a revolution going on in America’s Dairyland” and they’re right. Wisconsin cheesemakers, dairy farmers and processors of all sizes have greatly reinvested in our state’s dairy infrastructure, making us not only a powerhouse in the past but a leader for the future.

So on that note, I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a 2007 full of Wisconsin artisan cheese!

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