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Ode to Wisconsin Cheese

I love reader feedback. My favorite email this week was from Steven Shelton in Wisconsin, who as it turns out, loves Wisconsin cheese. In fact, he so loves Wisconsin cheese that he wrote a song about it. (My apologies to friends in California – if you’d like to submit a counter song declaring valid reasons why your cows are indeed happier than ours, feel free).

The Wisconsin/California Cheese/Wine Song

All bites of cheddar cheeses are

Gouda when
From Wisconsin
Than when from California.

Feasts of Edom
The West can’t beat ’em,
Our Monterey, too, is more than good.

Brick and Brie
If you ask me
Are best when from the Northern Woods.

Wiser cows
Know happy cows
Are jealous of four-seasons land.

But our grapes our sour,
And your wine has power –
Let cheese and wine be American.

The Munsters here
Aren’t quite so weird
Our Co-jack is both sharp and fine.

We can end this feud,
When it comes to food
California should stick to wine.

— Steven Shelton

You’ve got to love anybody who sings about cheese. Go Steven!

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