Award-winning Wisconsin cheesemaker Al Bekkum has launched a line of aged goat and unique mixed milk cheeses under a new brand: Nordic Creamery.

Named after the Norwegian heritage of both he and his wife, Sarah, Nordic Creamery features aged goat cheddars, smoked cheddars, as well as a signature, mixed milk cheese: Capriko, a semi-hard goat’s and cow’s milk cheese featuring cumin and clove that Bekkum describes as “rich and full-flavored.”

Al is the former head cheesemaker and buttermaker of Mt. Sterling Goat Cheese Cooperative. Under his tenure, the company won numerous awards for their flavored jacks at various national and world competitions.

Now, Bekkum is crafting his own Nordic Creamery cheeses in traditional small batches at Cedar Grove Cheese in Plain. Master Cheesemaker Bob Wills is renowned for opening his plant to independent cheesemakers and has launched a half-dozen Wisconsin gems, including Pleasant Ridge Reserve. In typical Cedar Grove style, Bekkum’s cheeses are made from hormone-free milk and are naturally aged in curing cellars.

Bekkum expects his first line of Nordic Creamery varieties to be ready for the retail market in late February and has several more recipes in development. A hearty welcome to Wisconsin’s newest cheese company!