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Wisconsin Primary – It’s About Cheese

UPDATE: I just received a response from Mike Huckabee’s Press Secretary, Alice Stewart. She says: “Jeanne- This is a no-brainer. Governor Huckabee loves cheese- all kinds – his favorite is Pepper Jack. His travel bag is not complete without a supply of individually wrapped cheese slices and a box of crackers. Thanks for asking.”


With Wisconsin’s presidential election primary tomorrow and all political eyes focused on America’s Dairyland, the burning question on everyone’s mind is of course: “What are the candidates’ favorite cheeses?”

I sent an email yesterday posing that exact question to the front-runners of the Democratic and Republican parties and — shocking!!! — have not yet received an answer. I did, however get very cordial automated email responses back from both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Senator Obama encouraged me to learn more about his policy positions on his website. In searching it, I came across this campaign promise: “Obama will provide capital for famers to create value-added enterprises, like cooperative marketing initiatives and farmer-owned processing plants.” Cool. Except that it should read “such as” instead of “like” but that’s my English degree rearing its ugly head.

Senator Clinton also asked me to review her policy positions on her website, and in trolling through mucho verbiage, found this gem: “Work to expand market opportunities for farmers through innovative, direct-to-consumer marketing and niche markets to provide U.S. farmers with more options for selling their products. Hillary will work to expand farmers’ markets, provide value-added marketing grants, and create food distribution opportunities for farmers from across the country to earn more for their hard labor.”

Meanwhile, a google search turned up this clever little You Tube video, depicting Hillary as a cheese lover and Barack as a Wisconsin cheese hater. It’s paid for by the “Norwegian Bachelor Dairy Farmers for Hillary.” Alrighty then …

On the Republican side, I haven’t heard a peep — not even an automated response — from former Governor Mike Huckabee or Senator John McCain. I’m taking the optimist view that they must personally respond to all emails, even about cheese preference, and don’t need to send out automated responses. Riiiight.

In any case, if any of you have actually been lucky enough to pose this all-important cheese question to any of the candidates and have an answer to this burning question, please let me know. My vote is depending on it.

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