Want fresh cheese curds straight out of the vat and looking to support a good cause at the same time?

Look no further than Roelli Cheese, the 2008 corporate sponsor of the Lafayette County American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Cheesemakers Chris & Dave Roelli will put their cheesemaking skills to work for charity this Friday, March 21.

The Roellis plan to make 300 pounds of fresh cheese curd, starting in the wee early morning hours of March 21. By the time their retail store opens at 8 a.m., they will have hundreds of 3/4 pound bags of fresh curd available for cash donation to the Relay for Life. Suggested donation is $5 minimum a bag.

“You can get warm curds fresh out of the vat and feel good about supporting a local charity. It’s a win-win,” Chris Roelli told me last week.

The Roellis are no strangers to Curds for Causes events. In the past, they have conducted similar charity events and sold out of curd by 10 a.m., raising more then $3,000. They hope to do the same this year.

Roelli Cheese is one of Wisconsin’s newest success stories. Chris and his dad, Dave, re-opened the family’s historic cheese factory in 2007, continuing a family tradition of making handcrafted specialty cheeses for nearly 100 years.

In exciting news, the Roellis are now offering that same opportunity to other aspiring artisan cheesemakers. Roelli Cheese’s 300-gallon vat is perfect for cheesemakers wishing to try a new recipe or make a small-batch of artisan cheese. To rent space at Roelli Cheese, call Chris at 608-482-1155.

And visit the Roellis on Friday for fresh curd for a good cause!