Chalk another farmstead milk bottler up to Wisconsin’s growing list of dairy artisans: Caprine Supreme, home to Wisconsin’s first goat’s milk yogurt, is now bottling its own farmstead goat milk and selling it on the retail market.

I had a chance to taste Caprine Supreme’s Grade A Whole Goat milk at a meeting yesterday. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t overly crazy about the prospect of trying it. I was sitting there, watching cup after cup being poured and handed out, all the while secretly thinking: “How can I get out of this?”

But, being the good Midwestern farm girl that I am (who was raised to always, no matter what, eat/drink whatever is offered lest you incur the wrath of your parents for embarrassing them by picking the carrots out of the stew at your neighbor’s house and hiding them under your plate), I accepted my cup of goat milk with a smile pasted on my face and told myself to just plow through it and think positive thoughts.

Turns out I worried for nothing. Caprine Supreme Whole Goat’s Milk tastes extremely fresh and carries the same taste as a fresh goat’s milk cheese, which I find to be quite pleasant. No “goaty” flavor to be found. Whoohoo!

That superb, fresh flavor is no accident. Caprine Supreme family farm owners/operators Todd and Sheryl Jaskolski, who pasture graze 350 dairy goats near Black Creek, Wis., work incredibly hard to craft fresh, farmstead goat’s milk products. In addition to their new bottled milk, they’re well known for their Caprine Supreme Goat Milk Yogurt, available in six flavors, as well as for their Chevre-Style Spreadable Goat Cheese and Goat’s Milk Cheese Curds.

Which gets me to wondering: what will the Jaskolskis come up with next? First yogurt, then cheese, now bottled milk. Let’s see, what’s left? How about a goat’s milk ice cream …. hint, hint.

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  1. I bought some of the Mexican cheese and yogurts at the Appleton Farmers Market this past weekend.I love it!!! I had some for lunch just now and had some before I went to bed last PM.It tastes terrific and feels sooooo good in the tummy.I’m a professional chef and highly recommend this product. I live in Sheboygan County & wish that I could purchase it here.

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