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Big Ed’s

It’s official: I have the greatest job in the world. I get to taste great cheese, talk to the people who make it, and then tell you more than you ever wanted to know about each one.

I was reminded just how fabulous my life is this past weekend, as I was talking with Gerry and Elise Heimerl of Saxon Homestead Creamery. The co-owners of this single farm creamery in Cleveland, Wis., were in Fromagination, tasting their latest and greatest cheeses: Green Fields and Big Ed’s.

Green Fields continues to be an excellent cheese — it pairs well with a good stout beer and is one of those cheeses that, like a nice guy, you can take home to mom and she’ll approvingly nod her head, smile, and fix him a sandwich.

And then there’s Big Ed’s. The last time I had this cheese was in May. It was pretty good. My daughter even liked it, and believe me, that’s a credible endorsement.

However, Big Ed’s is now worthy of being named an official stop short cheese — it’s got a big, bold flavor that brings you to a complete halt. It’s like bringing home a bandanna-wrapped, tattooed biker dude and watching your mother’s jaw drop when you jump off the back of his motorcycle.

Gerry & Elise tell me their Big Ed’s is now 10 months old. However, they only have about 30 wheels of left. In good news, they are making more. The less good news is it takes 10 months to taste this amazing.

Fear not, this is one cheese worth waiting for. You can bet Big Ed would be proud.

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