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New State Slogan

Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for a new state slogan involving the words I think best describe Wisconsin: butter, bubbler or cheese. Enjoy those magnets!

Of all the submissions from loyal Cheese Underground readers, here are my favorites: 
  • “Wisconsin, where the bubblers flow with butter” — submitted by Amanda
  • “THE WHEY WE LIVE…It’s curds all the way in WISCONSIN!” – thanks to Amy
  • “Wisconsin cheese … bite  me” — courtesy of Kathy
  • “Wisconsin: It’s not just for cheeseheads anymore” — thanks to Lo
  • “Come to the Original Dairy State, because life’s too short to eat bad cheese” — courtesy of Sarah
And then there was Matt from North Carolina, who not only submitted four slogans:
  • Live Butter in Wisconsin!
  • Cheese, Wisconsin’s Natural Choice!
  • You say drinking fountain, I say Bubbler.  You say wow, I say Wisconsin!
  • The Bubbler and the World’s Greatest Cheese, Brought to you by Wisconsin!
but who also submitted copy for an ad campaign. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board should take note — here it is:
Cue the music used in the American Express ads … and …. action!
Real Wisconsin butter with no fillers -$4.95
Real Wisconsin farmstead cheese made by a farmer’s hands-$15.00
Using gas to drive around and find one of the last sources of free water at a bubbler in Wisconsin — $5.00
Experiencing Real Value, Real Life, and Real Wisconsin -Priceless!
I couldn’t have said it better. On Wisconsin!
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