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25 Best Cheeses of Wisconsin

A couple of months ago, I reported on the photo shoot and the process that led up to an art print and event celebrating what I think are the 25 Best Cheeses of Wisconsin. Since then, about 200 of you helped me taste those cheeses at an April 16 Gala in Madison, and 455 of you have requested your own copy of the limited edition art print (only 500 were printed). So if there’s anyone out there who’d like their very own copy of the above poster (measures 2 feet x 3 feet and is printed on heavy poster paper with gold ink insets), let me know – you can order a copy here. Only 45 left, so let me know soon if you want one!

As a recap, here are the Top 25 Cheeses of Wisconsin (well, there’s actually 26 – I lost count during the photo shoot. These things tend to happen with my projects – I just get way too excited about cheese):

Look for each of these cheeses at your favorite cheese shop, and if your favorite cheese doesn’t carry it, ask them to! Happy Wisconsin cheese eating!
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