Good news for those of you in Illinois – here’s a short update to the last post about Felix Thalhammer’s award-winning Capri Cheesery Smokey Bear cheese.

Eric Larson of Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park, IL is now one of the first retailers in the nation to carry this award winning hickory-smoked goat wheel (up to now, Felix has sold most of his production at the Dane County Farmer’s Market in Madison, Wis. – I see big things in the future for our favorite Wisconsin Swiss-American cheesemaker).

Eric got the chance to meet Felix at the Madison farmer’s market a couple weeks ago (pictured above). He says Felix’s fetas are “possibly the best feta cheese made anywhere in the United States.” He’s also now carrying St. Felix (a washed rind gouda style goat cheese) and Govarti (a gouda/havarti goat milk original from Felix) in his store on Marion Street.