In exciting news, one more Wisconsin dairy artisan has broken ground on a new dairy plant. Todd & Sheryl Jaskolski of Black Creek moved the first shovel of dirt last week and are now building their own goat dairy where they plan to be making farmstead goat’s milk yogurt by spring.

The Jaskolskis already use the milk from their herd of 400 Saanen and Alpine dairy goats to craft a goat’s milk yogurt under the brand Caprine Supreme. For the past year, they’ve been using another Wisconsin dairy artisan facility to craft their product – a unique all-natural creamy goat’s milk yogurt with live, active cultures.

Unlike some of the other goat’s milk yogurts on the market from other states (Caprine Supreme is the only goat’s milk yogurt being produced commercially in Wisconsin), the Jaskolskis’ product is smooth and doesn’t carry a strong goaty flavor. Flavors currently available include vanilla, blueberry, black cherry, peach, strawberry and plain. The blueberry is my favorite.

The Jaskolskis’ farmstead dairy plant is part of a hot trend in Wisconsin – more than a dozen dairy farmers have built their own dairy manufacturing plants in the last two years, all with the intent to produce a farmstead product from the milk of their own animals. It’s a great way to bring in more family members into the business while adding value to the farm. Plus, they’re making fabulous products – it’s a win-win for Wisconsin.