In exciting news, a Wisconsin couple is expanding their operation to become the state’s first farmstead dairy to offer a full line of goat’s milk products, including goat’s milk yogurt, bottled goat’s milk, fresh goat’s milk cheese curds and chevre style spreadable goat cheese.

Caprine Supreme, located near Black Creek, Wis., is owned by Todd & Sheryl Jaskolski. This husband-wife team and their six kids (Sheryl is the herd manager and does the milking, Todd is the licensed cheesemaker, and the kids no doubt follow orders but will someday look back at their childhood as a “character building” experience) recently renovated an existing building on their farm and have expanded their Grade A goat dairy processing facility.

If you’ve been lucky enough to taste their products (they have a meeting this week with a major distributor – keep your fingers crossed), you’ll know that Caprine Supreme is instantly recognizable for its clean, fresh taste — no billy goat aftertaste here. In fact, many people who buy their cheese curds locally don’t even recognize they are made from goat’s milk.

Todd attributes this remarkable non-goaty clean taste to the fact that after the goats are milked, the milk is immediately pumped to the cheese vat – sometimes while it’s still warm – and then crafted into goat’s milk cheeses, yogurt or bottled within hours. The operation uses no growth hormones or antibiotics and uses all natural ingredients.

I had the opportunity to taste Caprine Supreme’s new chevre style spreadable goat cheese after a meeting at the Department of Agriculture on Friday. Flavors include: plain, garlic, chive and jalapeno. Of these, my favorite was the jalapeno, but I must say my real favorite was their new chipotle – a flavor they are currently test marketing. Let’s hope it makes the cut because I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

All of Caprine Supreme’s products are only currently available regionally, so if you live near Black Creek, good for you. Meanwhile the rest of us will have to wait. Let’s send good thoughts Todd & Sheryl’s way for their distribution meeting next week. Here’s hoping Caprine Supreme is soon found on a retail shelf near me.

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