Spring has finally come to Wisconsin, and you know what that means: ’tis the season for dairy farmers to launch new bottled milk brands.

The latest news comes from Red Barn Family Farms, a new Wisconsin family-owned dairy, which plans to announce this week it will launch a new brand of bottled milk to be available in select Milwaukee grocers beginning April 17.

What’s unique about this particular company is that every dairy farm that supplies milk to Red Barn Family Farms is certified by the American Humane Association.

Dr. Terry Homan, veterinarian and founder of the company, said his product fills the growing demand from consumers who are demanding exceptional milk quality and quality animal care.

“It’s simple – the cows that receive the best care produce the best milk,” Dr. Homan told me.

The quality and taste of Red Barn Family Farms milk is a direct result of the production style of the family farms it comes from, Homan says. In fact, every participating dairy must meet strict standards called “The Red Barn Rules.” These rules insure each cow consistently demonstrates excellence in health as well as excellence in the health and quality of the milk produced.

In addition, each dairy farm must pass an inspection by the American Humane Association. Red Barn Family Farms milk is rBST free.

Homan’s desire to start the Red Barn Family Farms brand came from his 12 years of dairy veterinary practice in rural Wisconsin and his desire to provide transparency in how milk on store shelves is produced.

“I believe these family dairies are the best models of how to care for animals. These farms are proud of their commitment to their cows, proud of their heritage, and I am convinced that this difference can be tasted in their milk,” Homan says.

The milk is bottled at a Lamers Dairy, a small, family owned bottling plant in Appleton, Wis., and will be available in skim nonfat milk, 2% reduced fat milk and whole milk.

A hearty welcome to Wisconsin’s newest dairy entrepreneur!

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