I got the most interesting email today from Wisconsin cheesemaker Felix Thalhammer, creator of the award-winning “Bear” line of cheeses, goat’s milk feta, and my all-time favorite: St. Felix. Turns out Mr. Felix is organizing nine days of winter fun, skiing, and hot springs in Switzerland in February.

Book your trip now, Felix tells me. He’s even offering five different date windows, from February 2009 to January 2010. Cost is $3,499 per person with an early bird discount. Wow, this man is organized. So what all does the trip include? Let me break it down:

Flight, hotel & lodging, breakfast and dinner, skiing and equipment, lift tickets and “a few traditional dinners” — Felix says, “We’ll do some of our own Swiss cooking so you’ll learn how to make Swiss dishes.”

I feel like the announcer on the Price is Right (read to yourself in a deep, booming voice): “You and a guest will enjoy an eight-night stay in Switzerland with native Felix Thalhammer. Accommodations include an authentic Swiss chalet with day trips to hot springs and ski mountains.”

Anyhoo, Felix assures me that if I go, I’ll “have so much fun, I’ll yodel about it.” Not sure about that, but if anyone is interested in the trip, call Felix at 608-604-2640 or email him. Always happy to spread the word about an opportunity to spend time with the Saint.