Updated update: Steve Ehlers, Sara Hill from the WMMB, and Patty Ehlers, pictured right, enjoy the spoils of victory!!

Update: the UW Badgers lost to the Marquette Golden Eagles, 61-58. Good news, Milwaukeeites — go to Larry’s Market this week to sample a brand new Wisconsin cheese — Roelli’s Dunbarton Blue. I’m sure Steve Ehlers will cherish the congratulatory note from Ken. 🙂
Despite being the non-sporting fan that I am, even I know that sports fans across Wisconsin are all a twitter about THE rival men’s basketball game of the year going down this Saturday night at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. The No. 25 ranked Marquette University Golden Eagles are set to face the No. 22 ranked UW Madison Badgers. The match-up is the 115th time the two have met in a non-conference setting, but no matter, each year, this game is a big deal in Wisconsin. Tip-off is 8:30 p.m. and tickets are going upwards of $200 apiece on Craig’s List.
So, you can imagine my delight when I opened my inbox this morning to discover that in a rival match-up worthy of Marquette vs. UW Madison, two of the state’s finest cheese shops have decided to bet 1 pound of their favorite Wisconsin artisan cheese on the game.
In corner number one we have Steve Ehlers of Larry’s Market in Brown Deer, representing the Marquette Golden Eagles. He’s put 1 pound of Joe Widmer’s award-winning, to-die-for, 8-year aged cheddar on the line, along with one dozen of Larry’s Famous Killer Brownies (made with AA Wisconsin butter). 
In corner number two, we have Ken Monteleone of Fromagination in Madison, representing the UW Badgers. In a classic case of a friendly rival one-up-manship, he’s put 1 pound of the brand new Dunbarton Blue from Roelli Cheese in Shullsburg. This cheese isn’t even being marketed yet — I first tasted it the weekend I left before vacation and nearly fell over. It’s a cheddar blue style that I predict will be the next big Wisconsin award-winner. Ken’s also throwing in a premium bag of crazy good Tootski’s Toffee, made in Madison.
The rules put forth state the losing team’s hometown cheese shop must ship his favorite cheese to the winning team’s hometown cheese shop, along with a congratulatory note that will be prominently displayed next to the cheese for all customers to see.
Sounds like a classic match-up and I look forward the results. Let the best man, er cheese, win!!

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Cheese Wars

  1. I’m not suprised that this is what they do in Wisconsin. When something is on the line, they don’t wager money, gold, or silver…but they bet their cheese. GO WISCONSIN or should I write GO MARQUETTE? P.S. These cheese shop guys sure know their cheese, although personally I would have put up one pound of Marieke’s Gouda…………

  2. The producer of the cheese was at Fromagination this past weekend(12/13) and I agree, the Dunbarton was excellent and a real steal for the price. I served it to several people on Saturday and it was the hit. Well worth finding.

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