While You Tube is full of guys singing in self-filmed tributes to Wisconsin cheese like this one, I’ve never before seen a Wisconsin cheese company promoting itself on You Tube and listing the link on its sell sheets.

Leave it to BelGioioso Cheese to break this marketing barrier. Francis Wall, VP of Marketing, sent me a copy of the company’s new sell sheet for Unwrap and Roll Fresh Mozzarella, and directly on the top of the sheet, in bold red writing, is this: Check out our demonstration on You Tube! 
So I click on the link — see it here — and sure enough, there’s Francis on You Tube, talking about how he’s found the perfect appetizer for tonight’s dinner — the new Unwrap and Roll from BelGioioso. 
I have to admit that this product is actually pretty cool. It comes wrapped in a plastic package and at first looks like just any other log of fresh mozz. But when you open the package, it’s actually a big sheet of mozzarella that you can unroll, put anything you want on top, and then roll it back up. Then when you slice it – voila – you’ve got an instant appetizer.
While Francis of course demonstrates the new product using fresh basil and tomatoes – the classic appetizer – you can really put anything you want it this baby.  I recently bought some at the store and started experimenting — turns out just about anything is good wrapped in fresh mozzarella.  
If you’ve got kids, try putting in pepperoni and some pizza sauce, roll it up, slice it, and bam – you’ve got instant mini pizzas.  Or, if you’re really lazy, just get out some cookie cutters, push into the sheet of fresh mozz, and serve to your kids as a fun snack.
My husband is a big fan of bacon, so we tried cooking some bacon and wrapping that up — yummy. Then we went way out of the box and pretty much tried putting anything in the fridge inside fresh mozz, and it turns out that it’s actually pretty hard to screw it up. The worst combination we found was whipped cream. Wouldn’t recommend it.
Anyhoo, if you’re looking for an easy, classy appetizer, I’d highly recommend it. Impress your friends and look like a foodie – but stick to the classic ingredients for best results.

6 thoughts on “Unwrap and Roll Hits You Tube

  1. I just ordered this from my distributor. I should have it in my cheese case by next week. Thanks for the tip.

  2. The you Tube clip was impressive – that appetizer sure looked easy to make. But how does that cheese taste? Does that smooth, easy-to-roll texture ruin the flavor? I’m suspect. What do you think?

  3. LOL. I was trying to think of the unhealthiest ways one would use this product. Madison Beer Review you did good! I might have appetizer night, some bloomin' onions, batter friend brats with mozz and pass out Lipitors as after dinner mints.

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