A new cheese shop featuring cut-to-order Wisconsin artisan cheeses, an on-site artisan bakery and deli, and a wine, cheese & microbeer cave is slated to open June 1 near Osseo.

The Foster Cheese Haus — a 20-year landmark along I-94 between Osseo and Eau Claire — is getting an extreme makeover, courtesy of Wayne Kostka, Nathan Berg, and their partners. An extensive remodeling job commenced January 1, when the cheese house changed ownership, and the new and improved version will open in about three weeks.
“We’re still in the ‘stuff could go wrong era’, so the June 1 date could change, but that’s what we’re shooting for,” General Manager Nathan Berg told me this morning. Nathan is a long-time area chef and most recently ran Native Bay Restaurant near Chippewa Falls. The Foster Cheese Haus is his newest project and from his description of the new place, should keep him busy for a while.
The cheese house is located off the “Foster exit of I-94” — that’s Exit 81 for you non-locals — and looks nothing like the original. Wayne Kostka — co-owner of Castle Rock Organic Dairy, a farmstead milk bottling, cheese plant and ice cream manufacturer just up the road — is in the midst of his magical stone masonry work, creating a stone tower, stone arches and wine & cheese cave where a dingy roadside cheese shop stood just six months ago.
Foster Cheese Haus will feature Wisconsin artisan cheeses exclusively at its opening, and will have a 10-foot cut-to-order cheese cooler featuring “the best of the best cheeses of Wisconsin.” Two more coffin coolers will hold pre-packaged cheeses, and customers will be invited to sit and enjoy their cheese in a big sitting room that seats 30. The focal point will be a huge stone fireplace built by the Kostkas.
The shop will also feature Wisconsin foods, including frozen organic and grass-fed meats from local farms, and of course, bottled milk, cheese and ice cream made at the Castle Rock plant. A 15 x 15 sq. ft. wine, cheese and beer cave will also be open to the public. And an on-site artisan bakery crafting artisan breads and crackers will be run by Royce Roberts, Nathan’s former sous chef at Native Bay. Customers will also be invited to purchase soups and sandwiches, homemade pizza and deli items made on site with fresh Wisconsin products.
“It’s a multi-faceted operation, but the Wisconsin connection really ties it all together,” Nathan says. “You could think of it as a renaissance of the highway cheese shop — we’ll still have cheese curds, but they will be fresh and still warm from the Castle Rock vat on Tuesdays & Fridays. We’ll still have cheeses, but they will be artisan cut-to-order. The whole building is being remodeled in a ‘green’ fashion – using recycled barn lumber, local stone, and local products.”
“We’re taking the highway cheese shop to a whole new level,” Nathan says. “It’s going to be amazing.”
Whoo-hoo! Can’t wait to see it. I feel a road trip to Osseo coming on about June 1 ….

5 thoughts on “New Foster Cheese Haus

  1. Wow! This sounds fantastic. Not that I don't love the “Cheese & Fireworks” stands that are all over the highways, but it's great to hear about a roadside attraction that features artisinal cheese. I'm picturing travellers nibbling pucks of Fantome Farm's goat cheese rolled in ash. Yee-haw!

  2. FCH is AWESOME. We're so lucky to have this new venture just down the road from us – have eaten there three times since it opened and going again next week. The smoked trout sandwich is a must, and the soups are just fantastic.

    So nice to be able to do all our gourmet/organic meat and dairy and “extras” shopping in one location… and great for picking up pizza and good beer, too!

    Have seen a lot of locals and a lot of travelers enjoying the new place. The patio is wonderful.

  3. I stopped last Thursday. Had a lovely lunch and bought some cheese and other goodies to bring home. What a great selection of treats to choose from!

  4. Love it! Got some great cheese and wine there on my way to girl's weekend. I'm in love with the Marieke Nettle Gouda and the Castle Rock Ice Cream. Wayne Kostka and his crew did the stove in our house and we love it lots – so glad to see him combining the farm and his masonry skills. We'll be back frequently!

    Jessi P.

  5. “If you don't stop now, I'll scream.” That's how we stopped at the Foster Cheese Haus. What a nice surprise we found there under the otherwise unappealing and generic “cheese” sign. Food was good. Staff were happy and enthusiastic. Next time, we'll linger a little longer. BTW, Foster Cheese Haus is trying out our artisan roast, sustainbly purchased coffees from Conscious Cup in Crystal Lake (www.consciouscup.com). Sorry for the plug. We're expanding our menu and cheese courses will be first on our list.

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