The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board launched a very cool web site today called the Cheese & Burger Society. You know a web site’s going to be awesome when they refer to cheese as “The Grand Poohbah” in the second sentence on the home page.

The site, designed to look and flip just like an old-time Rolodex, features 30 signature cheeseburger recipes, using – no surprise here – authentic Wisconsin cheeses. The photos are spectacular, as life-size cheeseburgers covered with an assortment of toppings leap out at you from your screen. The absolute best part of the site however, are the voice descriptions of each recipe.
There’s no doubt you will recognize the voice, but based on your age, one of the following characters are going to suddenly hit you. Upon turning up the volume and listening to the voice describe the “#1 burger – The Casanova — with two slices of Wisconsin Swiss, some mushrooms and ham, it’s a cheeseburger and mouth love affair waiting to happen,” you will immediately either think: “oh my god, that’s Puddy,” or “oh cool, it’s The Tick,” or “Dude, it’s the guy from Rules of Engagement” or perhaps, “Hey mom – it’s Kronk.”
Any way you have it, the voice is none other than Patrick Warburton, quite possibly my favorite Hollywood actor ever. His voice is like melted dark chocolate – smooth, rich and leaving you wanting more. When he describes the #25, the Mamma Mia Burger, I’ve got to admit my heart flutters a bit before I break into giggles:
“Number 25 – the Mamma Mia — Wisconsin mozzarella, pepperoni and pizza sauce on crusty Italian bread. The food gods have spoken loud and clear and maybe with a slight Sicilian accent.”
Or here’s another one: “Number 18 – the Pioneer – give your mouth a big old bear hug with a cheeseburger made from Wisconsin aged Swiss, sauteed wild mushrooms, crimini mushrooms with rosemary and crispy bacon.”
In addition to great descriptions of 30 burgers and recipes for each, a third tab features a description of the cheese being used. Here are some of my favorites, with descriptions read by, of course, Puddy himself:
#4 – Brie – “I once got dumped by a woman named Brie.”
# 7 – Limburger – “I once fought off 300 grizzly bears to protect my Limburger. True story.”
#12 – Brick – “Well you haven’t really lived until you’ve stuffed your face with Brick cheese.”
# 16 – Camembert – “I named my first born child after a slice of Camembert. His name is Camembert.”
The last two buttons on the Rolodex link to a couple more features — the first is a monthly “Chef’s Choice” burger, featuring a favorite recipe by a famous chef. This month’s feature is “The Pilgrim” burger by Matthew Silverman of the Vintner Grill in Las Vegas. The second link is a way for you to follow the Cheese & Burger Society on Facebook. Let’s just say I’m it’s biggest fan.

6 thoughts on “Cheese & Burger Society

  1. I was going to say which was my favorite one, but every time I listen to another description it becomes my favorite. Forget cheeseburgers, I just want Patrick to read to me out loud.

  2. i am very upset with you. i was one of the first to sign up to get a free t-shirt when you joined facebook. i was told that because i was one of the first to join you that it would be on it's way and i have not received anything from you. not even a letter telling me whether or not i would or wouldn't get one. tis sad. i was really enjoying your site till this happened. i just wish you would have said something because i have been anticipating the arrival. sorry to say, i'm not a happy camper. thanks anyway.
    electa henry

  3. Electa — I don't run the Cheese & Burger site.It belongs to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. They're the ones who have promised you a free t-shirt. Call 608-836-8820 and ask to speak with someone about your free t-shirt.

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