This just in: Sartori will release a limited quantity (read: you’re never going to taste it) of its new Cognac BellaVitano for the 2011 holiday season.

The latest take on its home-run BellaVitano cheese, an American Original boasting a creamy, fruity taste, the Cognac BellaVitano is pure marketing genius.

The cheese itself is extra aged – that means at least 18 months – and after the aging process, is submerged in a premium Cognac. It is removed only when Sartori Master Cheesemaker Mike Matucheski deems it to be just right (read: after he samples it several times – how do I get this gig?).

The end result? Sartori says it will be a: smoky, nutty, oaky flavorful cheese with hints of vanilla and caramel. Note, I’m getting this from the company’s press release – I’m holding out little hope to actually find this puppy in a store, as only 20 wheels are going on sale, and a limited supply of 4 oz wedges have either already sold out, or are not yet available for sale on the company’s website. The price? $75 a pound. Uff da.

Can’t find the cheese in a store near you? No worries, you’ll be able to buy it on eBay. Sartori is putting the first two 20-pound wheels on the auction site, starting today. Each will be signed by Master Cheesemakers, and all proceeds will be donated to local food banks.

CEO Jim Sartori, in a very classy statement, says: “This is a challenging time of year for some members of our community. We will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the food banks to help out families in need. The Cognac wheels at auction are wheels #1 andf #2, and we are only selling 20 wheels this entire holiday season. We expect the autciton to be very successful.”

The auction for wheel #1 begins today, with wheel #2 going up for sale on Nov. 26. Each auction will last 10 days. Go wild, kids, and if you’re the lucky winner, feel free to send me a wedge.

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