The price of gold may be at a record high, but one new holiday cheese won’t set you back $1,700 an ounce.

Roelli Cheese introduces its new Dunbarton Gold, a grass-fed raw milk beauty. Just like its sister Dunbarton Blue, this cheddar carries a hint of blue, sports a rustic, natural rind and is cured to perfection on wooden shelves in Cheesemaker Chris Roelli’s man-made caves between Shullsburg and Darlington, Wis.

“The cheese surprised me,” Roelli says of his new Dunbarton Gold. “It’s not as earthy as the traditional Dunbarton, and it carries a sweeter flavor from the grass profile.”

Dunbarton Gold was made this past summer from the milk of a small group of organized Green County graziers. Chris made 71 wheels of the cheese – one day’s worth of production – and says it was a one-of-a-kind day, meaning he likely won’t make the cheese again.

“One of the best parts of being a small processor is having the ability to play with batches of segregated milk and making it into special cheeses,” Chris says. “This was an experiment that turned out really well, but because I’ve got other products under development, likely won’t be repeated.”

Interested in having a wheel of Dunbarton Gold on your holiday table? The cheese is available exclusively through Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese in Door County via mail-order. A half pound sells for $14.49. An entire wheel – 7.25 pounds worth – will set you back $144.95, which is still far cheaper than an ounce of gold! Click here to check out Dunbarton Gold. This is one holiday gift worth putting on your list for Santa!

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