Yes kids, this is what happens when you take your awesome technoid hubby to a cheese factory. He takes a bunch of video, loops it together, sets it to Lady Gaga and puts an embarrassing photo of you at the end. Enjoy this two minute movie showcasing the “Birth of a Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curd”.

5 thoughts on “Birth of a Wisconsin Cheese Curd

  1. I'm from Appleton, but somehow got transplanted to Minnesota. We can't get curds around here, that I know of. Can't beat Wisconsin cheese. Apparently you can take the girl out of Wisconsin but you can't take. . . well, you get the idea!

  2. Love this! I'm from Appleton, Wisconsin and have lived in Minnesota for the past 20+ years. You can't get good stuff like this in Minnesota. I MISS THE CURDS!!

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