Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for a new state slogan involving the words I think best describe Wisconsin: butter, bubbler or cheese. Enjoy those magnets!

Of all the submissions from loyal Cheese Underground readers, here are my favorites: 
  • “Wisconsin, where the bubblers flow with butter” — submitted by Amanda
  • “THE WHEY WE LIVE…It’s curds all the way in WISCONSIN!” – thanks to Amy
  • “Wisconsin cheese … bite  me” — courtesy of Kathy
  • “Wisconsin: It’s not just for cheeseheads anymore” — thanks to Lo
  • “Come to the Original Dairy State, because life’s too short to eat bad cheese” — courtesy of Sarah
And then there was Matt from North Carolina, who not only submitted four slogans:
  • Live Butter in Wisconsin!
  • Cheese, Wisconsin’s Natural Choice!
  • You say drinking fountain, I say Bubbler.  You say wow, I say Wisconsin!
  • The Bubbler and the World’s Greatest Cheese, Brought to you by Wisconsin!
but who also submitted copy for an ad campaign. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board should take note — here it is:
Cue the music used in the American Express ads … and …. action!
Real Wisconsin butter with no fillers -$4.95
Real Wisconsin farmstead cheese made by a farmer’s hands-$15.00
Using gas to drive around and find one of the last sources of free water at a bubbler in Wisconsin — $5.00
Experiencing Real Value, Real Life, and Real Wisconsin -Priceless!
I couldn’t have said it better. On Wisconsin!

One thought on “New State Slogan

  1. Not to toot my own horn or anything…but since you like bubblers, you might like to check out my blog “where’s the bubbler?”
    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few months now–I like learning about all the farmers and their cheeses.
    I agree that new state slogan is rather lame. Back in the late 70’s they had one that was put on bumper stickers that read “Escape To Wisconsin”. Except what many people did was to cut out the “To” and re-connect the ends so it read “Escape Wisconsin”.

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